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Company Overview

Company Overview

GlobalStep in Brief

GlobalStep is a technology services firm headquartered in Dallas, TX.  Established in 2007 and led by a team of visionary leaders, GlobalStep was founded on the basis of one simple idea:  We can create long term sustainable value by bridging the gap between talent, which is distributed evenly on a global level, and opportunity, which is manmade and not yet available to everyone. GlobalStep seeks to create opportunities by nurturing untapped human potential and bringing those capabilities to market.

We show a deep and genuine interest in the success of the people we work with, and we take great pride in the passion and quality that we bring to our work. 

GlobalStep has regional offices in US and Europe and has a dedicated delivery center based out of Pune, India. GlobalStep provides services to over 100 clients worldwide ranging from small companies to Fortune 100 companies.

This is who we are, what defines and drives us.

Our Vision

“To create an environment where talented people are empowered to grow as professionals and deliver an unsurpassed level of value to our clients”

We focus on living this simple but powerful vision and spend a considerable amount of time explaining the vision to our people and in aligning all our actions to the vision.  This vision dictates actions at every level within GlobalStep.

Our Commitments

Our rich culture of performance and success is driven by the commitments we make to our stakeholders:

  • To our Customers: We will create unparalleled value at an attractive price.
  • To our Employees: We will provide constructive challenges to help fulfil your potential
  • To our Suppliers: We will keep our commitments and promise fair treatment.
  • To our Community: We will be good citizens and contribute wholesomely.
  • To our Company: We are committed to running a profitable concern