23 June, 2017 By Sumit Arora
Interactive Entertainment

I’m excited to be part of one of the biggest QA and localisation conference for gaming industry in Berlin next week. While, I’m packing my bags, a quick blog to share my thoughts with you. First [...]

20 June, 2017 By admin

We were at Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as ‘E3’ earlier last week, as a game testing services provider. We try to capture the essence of the event for you. E3, as we all know, [...]

26 September, 2016 By admin
Interactive Entertainment
People at GlobalStep
Woman Empowerment

A long-standing gender stereotype has been that women don’t like video games. With a 40:60 women:men ratio at GlobalStep’s QA Lab, we beg to differ! Not only women love video games, they are [...]

14 September, 2016 By admin
Interactive Entertainment

Date – 1st August, 2016   The latest craze to take the world by storm is Pokémon Go, a location-based augmented reality (AR) game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. [...]

21 April, 2016 By Sanjiv Ahluwalia
Sports Analytics

In the Sports industry, it is absolutely critical to stay ahead of the competition by delivering innovative products and reliable service that give your customers a superior experience.  [...]

21 March, 2016 By Sanjiv Ahluwalia
Sports Analytics

The past weekend, MIT Sloan hosted the 10th annual Sports Analytics conference, which is one of the largest conferences dedicated to sports and data.  The conference attracts some of the [...]

27 January, 2016 By Rachit Jain
Business Landscape

Digital technologies have redefined how we interact with the world around us, both in personal as well as professional life. The “mobile” way of doing things has introduced a new era and a new [...]