Six Ways Product Engineering Principles Can Save Your Digital Transformation

Until the early 2000s, software applications and products used to be built the way technology initiatives were executed in the 80’s and 90’s – one-shot, big-bang. The outcome was unsurprisingly similar. Applications and products were built out completely, sometimes over several years.  Features were packed into the product and launched, only to discover that they […]


Software Testing: Scale Up or Scale Out

The COVID crisis has highlighted and created gaps in IT operation models, which directly impede software testing. The main challenge now for software testing teams is how do you mitigate risks when the dependencies you relied upon to get the job done have been compromised? After facing multiple lockdowns in the UK, how do you […]


The What, Why and When of Usability Testing

We all know that a reduced or sub-par end-user experience will impact your bottom-line. How can you ensure your products work as intended every time and have a high level of confidence that every customer will love it? Confidence in your digital products will remain high when you engage with Digital Assurance services, and I […]


Top 5 Criteria for Measuring QA Team Success

Quality Assurance (QA) teams conjure up images of software developers drinking highly caffeinated beverages conducting frantic bug hunts under tight deadlines. In reality, the truth is much different. QA teams work as the support backbone for the development team, and the best QA teams drive the quality of the product through thorough process-driven functions. The […]


GlobalStep at the Game Developers Conference 2020

We’re delighted to announce we’ll be out in San Francisco for the Games Developer Conference 2020 (GDC) at the Moscone Center from 16th March – 20th March 2020. As one of the largest professional games industry events in the world, the Game Developers Conference brings together the game development community to exchange ideas, solve problems, […]

The Importance of Getting Social Media Customer Service Right

It’s the year 2000 and you just picked up the game of the season – only to be annoyed by a bug that’s halted your gameplay. What do you do? You pick up the phone, call the customer support and remain on hold for hours. Worse, you write an E-mail to support and wait for […]

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Top 5 Skills You Need to Possess to Make a Career in Video Game Testing

Each one of us has at some point of the time wished to be playing video games all day long.  From car racing to VR based games, from strategy games to simple puzzles, every game has an attraction and a fascination towards it. While there are dedicated video game developers and game artists behind creating […]


The Story of Justicia: #MadeByWomen at GlobalStep

This International Women’s Day, we at GlobalStep wanted to do more than just wish the wonderful ladies at GlobalStep. We wanted to go one step further and ask them to don the creative hats and give us their perspective on characters in video games. With women making up close to half of the gaming population […]


Cheatsheet To Ensure Your Video Game Passes the Compliance Test

Be it any platform – XBOX One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or 3DS, months of development and QA efforts will go to waste if your game fails to clear the console manufacturers’ compliance testing parameters and guidelines. Though developers cannot release a game without getting an express approval from the console manufacturers, QA houses often […]


The Next Wave of Game QA – Unlimited Opportunities to Exploit

Games QA has traditionally been and continues to be one of the key components of the game development life cycle. At its core, it consists of ensuring that the game is behaving as intended, reaches the quality standards expected by users, and meets the requirements set by hardware manufacturers. Games have experienced a paradigm shift […]