Reflections on GlobalStep: Roma Waghmare

It has been almost six years since I joined GlobalStep. It has been an emotional and inspiring journey for me throughout these years. GlobalStep has conducted various skill training sessions which helped me a lot in my personal and professional growth.  

GlobalStep allows me to learn new personal and technical skills and stay in touch with the latest technology in the gaming industry. GlobalStep has enabled me to build a fulfilling career in video game Quality Assurance. 

GlobalStep was the first company I ever worked at. Naturally, in some way I feel connected to this company and employees. I have celebrated and enjoyed many events here and made so many unforgettable memories. GlobalStep undertakes many ways to express gratitude towards their employees which always makes me feel appreciated. 

Taking ownership of tasks while remaining accountable and trustworthy is what I have learned in these years. GlobalStep has also enabled me to meet new people and work together as a team in a multicultural environment where passion for the gaming industry unites us towards a single goal.  

The GlobalStep value that speaks to me the most is the continuous investment in talent and passion of individual employees while ensuring that they see their role as an opportunity, a stepping stone for their next role in their professional growth. 

GlobalStep’s value of merit-based evaluation of employees has helped create a safe and secure environment for female employees like me where we can confidently develop our skills and align them towards our professional growth. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Gaurav Rane

To start with, I was very much passionate about the gaming industry from early in my childhood. GlobalStep has provided me with the opportunity to join a leading gaming organization and grow as a professional.  

GlobalStep allows me to pursue my passion. This means that I can fulfil my dreams here with complete job satisfaction.  

I was a wanderer who wandered around without any motive. But my journey at GlobalStep gave me direction and added true meaning to my whole existence.  

Teamwork is what I have learned at GlobalStep. GlobalStep operates as a whole team, which allows to prioritize clients’ requirements and keep aside any differences, which gradually helps in the growth and progress of the organization.  

A healthy work environment, good work ethics, comforting colleagues, seniors who help in every scenario and thoughtful superiors who acknowledge your hard work eventually are what makes this a great place to work at.  

 I see Global Step’s values every day. A successful 15 years of business says everything. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Abhishek Kumar Sinha

It’s been a journey of approximately 12 years since I had joined GlobalStep in the year 2009. I had joined in the capacity of Tester where I had the opportunity to learn a lot from my seniors. Later, I was promoted to different levels as per the performance quality index based in the organization and today am working in the capacity of Project Lead. Colleagues at GlobalStep are like family and friends. Everyone is so close to each other, but we make sure to work professionally.  

GlobalStep had made me understand many things, like the importance of learning about the industry, how to become an expert, how to interact with customers, how to ask the right questions, how to submit high quality work and ensure faster execution on my end. It’s always important to ask ourselves how to work more efficiently and how to further contribute to our goals even when it seems like the task is completed. 

In my opinion, a great work climate incorporates a collaborative team of employees backed by a team of shepherding leaders. GlobalStep has a range of different positions and levels within itself. It’s important to have a working environment where the newer team members can learn from more experienced employees and feel comfortable asking them for guidance. The support we get from our leaders at GlobalStep is overwhelming. They encourage us to take risks, and they always believe in us. The leaders set the tone for our company, so it’s essential that they create a positive atmosphere. 

The value that speaks to me the most is “Passion for Your Success,” GlobalStep’s mantra. If you want to succeed, passion is required everywhere in life, for whatever needs to be done.  

There are many values I see in action at GlobalStep, like passion, fun, continuous learning, ownership, leadership, boldness, honesty, trust, accountability, commitment to customers, constant improvement, innovation, quality, teamwork, simplicity, employee development and discipline. 

My passion towards the gaming, leadership, honesty and discipline are few of the values which GlobalStep has recognized and always nurtured. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Deepak Kumar

It’s been 12 years since I have joined GlobalStep and I still have that great feeling about my job and organisation I work for. When I joined there were around 50 to 60 employees. As of now, GlobalStep has become a brand in the gaming industry, which makes me proud to be a part of. My managers have shown trust in me and have given me opportunities to grow professionally as well as personally. 

When I joined GlobalStep, I didn’t know that I will have a long journey working here. I didn’t have much experience when I joined the company, but I was given opportunities to grow and enhance my skills. To this day, I am extremely happy to be a part of this organisation.  

GlobalStep is not just an organisation, but another home for me. I learn so much every day and thoroughly enjoy doing my work. 

Here, I learned how to work with people around me and give importance to everyone while we are working together, irrespective of one’s position. GlobalStep has taught me moral values, made me self-confident and determined.   

I work for an organization that has vision and values. GlobalStep has taught me to value customer relations and customer satisfaction by having a vision to fulfil it.  

The GlobalStep values I see in action are mentoring and helping each other. Respect every person in your organization and support your team unconditionally. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Natalie Walcz

I began my journey with GlobalStep in March of 2021. My last employer was a QA company, but I had never worked in a QA company specializing in video games before. My supervisor and mentor, Genevieve, “took me under her wing” and trained me on the functions of my position. Today, I feel very confident in my position.  

Currently, on the HR team, we are actively working on initiatives to enhance the overall GlobalStep experience and well-being of our 350+ employees and I look forward to the implementation of these initiatives. 

GlobalStep gave me an opportunity to enter a new industry while working in my field of expertise (human resources). I am not yet perfectly bilingual and GlobalStep was encouraging and flexible enough to give me that opportunity and time to improve my French skills. 

To me, GlobalStep means growth. Many of our Team Leads and Project Managers have been with the organization for years; they have dedicated their time to develop an internal learning platform for our testers, and in this industry, growth and development are essential.  

I have learned that teamwork is key and that you should not be afraid to ask questions; while some of the tasks I regularly perform are independent, there are many moving pieces needed in order to be successful and reach long-term goals both professionally and in our personal lives. 

The GlobalStep value that speaks to me the most is the act of being honest and direct in everything we do. 

I have worked in other industries where I felt micro-managed and I was afraid to speak openly with my manager because I knew that my ideas and requests would not be taken into consideration. At GlobalStep, I feel that I am trusted to do my job, and my ideas and efforts are acknowledged and valued, which is incredibly important to me. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Zaher Vacha

I have been a part of GlobalStep for six years now. It has been a great experience, working with engaging teams, dynamic leads and collaborating in parallel with developers as well as publishers who care deeply about the products they work on.    

GlobalStep has given me the opportunity to grow and learn in an industry I respect deeply and have an incredible amount of passion for. The opportunities afforded to me by GlobalStep have encouraged me to learn more about the industry itself and also pushed me to be a more proactive employee.  

To me, GlobalStep is much more than a clockwork business, it’s a place where I have learned so much, and I can constantly rely on to learn more. 

The biggest takeaway from GlobalStep for me is how to work effectively as a team player. It’s a skill that is seldom taught the way it is at our workplace and the result is a tangible product that only comes together with good teamwork. 

The value of putting emphasis on client satisfaction and ensuring that the products we help to work on are of a very high quality has spoken to me the most. I also appreciate GlobalStep’s candour in telling things like they are, especially with regards to schedules and keeping projects on track. 

I witness the value of GlobalStep daily at our workplace, where the best teams and ideas come together to give our clients the most comprehensive service. Our emphasis on quality and going the extra mile to achieve it is clear and present. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Piyoosh Sah

I joined the organization as a QA lead and today I lead Games QA in one of the delivery centres. GlobalStep is a place of opportunities for anyone who is ready to learn, has “can do attitude” and can face challenges. There is always an emphasis on “straight talk”, on having the courage to deliver bad news, all to help us come up with a winning strategy to tackle any issues or problems we might be facing. 

I have been in the industry for 18 years, and recently completed 13 years at GlobalStep, enjoying what I do and contributing to the quality of games. GlobalStep is a family of likeminded and committed enthusiasts. Together, we live and experience GlobalStep values every day, and grow with our clients’ success. 

Commitments made here are sacred for all of us. I have seen commitment from my team members in extreme occasions which is rare these days, in the form of personal sacrifices to support the common goal. 

I have learned to immediately take responsibility for failures and fix the cause at the root. This is a way of life that has made me stronger over the years, making me grow as a professional and a contributor to the success of both our clients and GlobalStep. 


Reflections on GlobalStep UK: Poorva Baderia

GlobalStep is a community of likeminded people with a big passion for our customers’ success. A company is only as extraordinary as its people, and that’s what defines GlobalStep. This is by far my most exciting role and I feel a part of something bigger, something that goes beyond my role. 

I am proud to be part of a team which is inspiring, uplifting, and empowering. You are encouraged to express your individuality, share ideas and experiences. The support from global teams is incredible. At GlobalStep, we win together and take pride in delivering excellence.   

GlobalStep provides each of us with a unique opportunity to be a leader in our roles with a trust to solve any professional challenges. The leadership’s commitment to ensure every employee meets their professional goal is commendable.  

Here’s to the glorious 15 years of amazing achievements and many more of growing, learning and succeeding together.  Onwards and upwards! 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Swapnil Panchal

I Joined GlobalStep as a Test Engineer and started learning and grasping how this industry works. 

It has always provided me with opportunities. I learned a lot at GlobalStep, which truly helped me to grow in every way possible, as an employee and as a person. 

It’s been a really amazing journey from Test Engineer to Senior Project Lead with one of the leading QA gaming industries of all time. What makes GlobalStep unique is that we are always keen to serve all our clients, trying to make time even with tight deadlines and last-minute requests. 

I see all our values reflected in our work every single day. The fact that we are celebrating 15 glorious and successful years of GlobalStep says it all. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Lynn Landrigan

It has been a little over a year since I joined GlobalStep, and while it was extremely difficult at the beginning, I persevered and am much more comfortable in my position now.  

GlobalStep has given me the chance to feel like an integral member of my department, and I feel like I can really contribute to the company’s success.  

To me, GlobalStep is all about its employees.  They are a group of truly professional and dedicated people who are committed to doing their best possible work every single day.  

I learned how much the collaborative and respectful co-workers I have help make the job so much easier and enjoyable.  

“Competence + Passion + Focus = Greatness” is the value that has helped me the most over the last year.  Continually improving my knowledge and competence along with a strong desire to do the best job possible is what motivates me to keep working at GlobalStep.  

Adhering to that has given me the resilience and perseverance I’ve needed to meet the many challenges of the job over the past year.