Reflections on GlobalStep: Shikha Gangwar

Working at GlobalStep is such a pleasure. The Senior Leadership Team is truly amazing, because of this business is constantly growing. The CEO, Gagan Ahluwalia, is a visionary, he inspires all to discover and achieve our potential. 

At GlobalStep, there are plenty of opportunities and support to push your boundaries and excel. It a progressive company expanding its footprint by adding new operation and delivery centers globally. 

Employees thrive due to great work culture and forward-looking management practices. 

GlobalStep is an organization where you can find your true potential and seize opportunities to grow as a professional and human being. This is the place for the best and brightest! 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Neha Wagh

It has been almost 4 years since I joined GlobalStep. It has been a fun and exciting experience. 

GlobalStep has given me the opportunity to grow in my profession. I feel my skills are particularly well suited to my current position. This has given me a wonderful opportunity to become independent and help our customers effectively. 
GlobalStep helped me to achieve knowledge. I enjoy working with this organization.   

My biggest learnings at GlobalStep are learning how to face hard situations, working hard until the work is done, and always being creative and proactive.  

The value that I feel at GlobalStep the most is to help to each other, always work together and appreciate the efforts put in to achieve our goals. 

Treating every colleague as an equal at GlobalStep has helped me achieve my own professional goals. One of the best things I remark every day is that this company has created a healthy environment and work culture. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Vishnu Haran

It’s been over two years since I joined GlobalStep. It has been a fruitful experience going through ups and downs with the pandemic and work-from-home situation. 

GlobalStep has given me the opportunity to start my career after a shaky academic experience. Ignoring what was written on paper and choosing to decide based on my skills. 

To me, GlobalStep is a friendly place to ask questions and find solutions.   

I learned not to be afraid to ask about things even if you think you ought to know them. It’s never too late to learn. 

I feel GlobalStep is a good advocate for equality in all fields and familiarity not just within the organization but every project clientele they encounter.  

I have experienced the company’s values firsthand and can say that I was able to interact with different people and understand how they all feel the same way. Even the staff GlobalStep hires embodies the company’s values every single day.   


Reflections on GlobalStep: Shiraz Mistry

GlobalStep has been a foundation stone in molding me today to this calibre. It holds and plays quite an important role in my life, as I am a part of it since its inception days.  

This journey has been quite an adventurous one from the initial teething period, streamlining processes to smooth effective functional organization.   

Here, I learned to give everything a personal touch even if it is professional.  

The GlobalStep values I feel the most are honesty, integrity, and the act of not compromising on quality work.   

The value I see in action every day is the following mantra: Work is complete only when 100 % done, 99% holds no value. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Salim Shaikh

I’ve been working with GlobalStep for 12 years, and have always thoroughly enjoyed working here. It is a very encouraging atmosphere and I am excited to start work every single day. 

The wonderful things about GlobalStep are flexibility, freedom of work and the great leadership I have. I also love the culture and enjoy working with everyone here.  

GlobalStep is like a family to me, every colleague is very supportive. I feel so blessed to be working here every single day. 

At GlobalStep, I learned how valuable connections with other people are: each relationship you build with another person adds another beam of support to what you’re building for yourself. 

The value I see the most is the good work environment that the company has created. I am always happy to be surrounded by good people to work with. 

GlobalStep has always been supportive for my personal growth in the company. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Anas Patil

I have completed almost 2 years working here and it feels like the journey has just begun with high energy and passion to work with great and supportive leaders and mentors.  

GlobalStep offers incredible examples of what a great place to work at should be. I am blessed to be part of a place with caring relationships between staff, encouragement of work and life balance, flexibility, and freedom. I am truly grateful to be a part of GlobalStep.  

Here, I have learnt a lot of skills that helped me become a sound professional and a mature individual. 

GlobalStep cares so much for the employees, and it all starts from the top. The care and concern culture for employees is beyond compare. I would like to thank the entire senior management at GlobalStep for making this organization such a beautiful place to work. 

It’s an amazing on-going experience working with such a prestigious organization. Our core team members care passionately about doing work that helps others. They value teamwork, and they’re always willing to pitch if someone is behind on an important deadline. This has led to a culture of trust, friendliness, and mutual respect within the team. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Vipul Gandhi

It has been almost 2 years since I joined GlobalStep. I feel comfortable and safe coming to work. I know I will be supported in any project or challenge I face. 

GlobalStep has helped me grow, both personally and professionally. I have found growth opportunities and continue to enjoy coming to work daily.  

At GlobalStep, I feel supported by my colleagues and know that my role is important in the company’s overall success. 

GlobalStep cultivates a great culture. The team is extremely collaborative. Mentors are easily accessible.  

The value I resonate with is that the company is receptive to feedback and has great problem solving.  

I see many values in action every day, I am always given positive, happy, productive, personal and professional growth opportunities and working here is something I look forward to doing.


Reflections on GlobalStep: Umesh Powar

It has been almost 4 years since I joined GlobalStep. It has been a fun experience, I learned many things and improved my knowledge on working with various technologies and tools. 

GlobalStep has given me the opportunity to set short and long-term goals. It motivates and encourages me while running towards goals. I appreciate how accessible and available everyone is not only for me but also for all the employees. 

To me, GlobalStep means a family where I can grow and improve my technical skills with the help of senior professionals. 

My biggest learning at GlobalStep is that when you do the right thing, both for your client and your organization, you do the right thing for yourself as a professional. 

The value that I feel at GlobalStep the most is helping each other achieve the common goal – helping our clients succeed.  

Treating every colleague as an equal at GlobalStep has helped me achieve my own professional goals within the company: helping the company grow while working in a fun environment.  


Reflections on GlobalStep: Sunny Sharma

Since I joined GlobalStep, I’ve been blessed to work in a very cool environment and without facing any issues in this pandemic situation.  All teammates help me in deliverables in all aspects. 

GlobalStep has given me a lot of opportunities, a chance of growing in all aspects, flexibility to work with the whole team and a positive environment where we give the best deliverables to our client. 

To me, GlobalStep means a family with a lot of friends who help me achieve goals for our clients.  My colleagues guide me and provide help to gain required knowledge on every project domain, and it internally helps me to grow. 

My biggest learning at GlobalStep that helping your teammates means you will be helped when you’ll be in need.  Also, working with varied clients provided me greater confidence. 

The value that I feel at GlobalStep the most is the act of helping everyone without expecting anything. The team helped me lead a lot of projects at the same time without get worried. 

The GlobalStep values I experience and see in action would be equality, responsibility, and leadership, which help me grow as a professional. 


Reflections on GlobalStep: Prashant Mukare

It has been four years since I joined GlobalStep. It has been a fun, enriching and a knowledgeable journey until now that is irreplaceable and extremely valuable to my career growth. 

GlobalStep has given me a platform to enhance my professional skills to the highest level. 

GlobalStep has encapsulated their philosophy of innovation, passion, curiosity and courage in me. It also provides a great work-life balance and has provided ample support during the pandemic. 

My biggest learning at GlobalStep is that we constantly keep innovating and always try to scale newer heights. It means not only fulfilling the targets set by clients but also to creating products and services that bring revolutionary changes in the existing domain. 

The GlobalStep value that speaks to me the most is “Constant innovation and scaling new technological challenges to remain competitive”. 
At GlobalStep, every individual opinion is valued regardless of the hierarchy. It provides a conducive environment for smooth and contagious growth.