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Business Process Management

Businesses are undergoing multiple, simultaneous and rapid transformations that are either internally driven - through leadership objectives or management imperatives with an eye on process automation and optimization - or they are externally enforced - through mergers and acquisitions, statutory compliance, competition, evolution of technology either normal or disruptive, or other factors.

GlobalStep’s BPM service offers customized solutions that deliver value across business functions, whether they are internally driven or externally enforced. We understand your changing needs and aim to address your requirements with our proactive and focused endeavour to find business and technological solution that comes from our experience of partnering with various global clients over the years. Our domain expertise, robust methodology and technology knowhow helps us to achieve this by introducing process efficiencies, improved automation footprint, seamless integration and high-yield transformation.

Business Value

  • Reduce costs and improve bottom-line
  • Faster go-to-market
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Introduce process and operational efficiency
  • Faster turnaround through 24*7 service facility 

Refined processes provide improved ROI and drive customer delight.

  • RPO
  • Customer Service
  • Data Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Transformation Services
  • Video Analytics

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

In the consistently rising talent pool across the world, it is getting increasingly difficult to find quality talent that is employable in the real sense. In this challenging scenario, companies face the uphill task of finding the right talent with least effort and optimal cost to deliver value in this highly dynamic and transient environment.

Globally, the pressure to optimize the recruitment process is immense, be it for a mid-size or a large company. A mid-size company lacks the right professional talent at the middle management level that can enable it to take the global leap. On the other hand, a large company with established recruitment processes and fixed costs may lack the right amount of agility required for reaching out to the dynamic workforce. 

At GlobalStep, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is not just about mechanical matching of skills with the resume of a candidate, a task performed by typical staffing companies. Instead, it is about adding strategic value by understanding, imbibing and taking ownership of the recruitment process to find a talent that fits our client’s DNA.  

GlobalStep provides the following strategic services around RPO

  • Recruitment Projects
  • Contingent Workforce Solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Traditional RPO

Business Value

  • Cost Optimization
  • Hiring resources that closely match client DNA
  • Hiring resources whose background and history is verified before joining

Customer Service

Customer interaction is the business function that has been one of most highly impacted by the dynamic technological advancement. This and the next generation customers are perpetually connected and use a range of channels for reaching out to companies. They are almost perennially mobile, active on social networks, have access to numerous alternatives and are quick to choose the substitute following an undesirable experience. Customer Experience has thus emerged as a key differentiator for customer retention and consequently revenue growth. This dynamically evolving landscape is challenging organizations to offer streamlined and consistent customer service across different channels, draw insight from customer interaction across multiple touch points, use the knowledge to analyse customer behaviour and predict customer preferences and consequently customize customer service to provide them with a positive experience.

GlobalStep understands that positive customer experience is a game-changer and thus strives to deliver distinctive interaction with customers in a professional, sustainable and cost effective manner so that customer service is transcended from being a cost center to a potential differentiator. 

Our Services

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Outbound Services
  • Inbound Services
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Up-sell / Cross-sell services
  • Workforce Management services

Business Value

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher Customer Retention and conversion
  • Cost savings through faster resolution of customer issues
  • 24x7 support desk
  • Support through multiple channels – voice/non-voice
  • Development and ongoing maintenance of knowledge base
  • Flexible tool options
  • Escalation mechanism for different levels of support
  • KPI driven operations

Data Management

One of the major challenges facing businesses today is the efficient and effective management of the tremendous amount of data that is generated on a continuous basis. These data elements are pivotal for understanding business imperatives and customer behavior, which then help them take strategic and game changing business decisions. 

GlobalStep has assisted multiple businesses in effective management of master data and enterprise data by seamlessly aligning the data management strategy with business strategy. The efficiency in data retrieval thus achieved has provided clients with such amazing insights that they have been translated into creating unrivalled opportunities from unprecedented avenues. 

Our Services 

  • Data Verification
  • Record Information
  • Track & Maintain Changes
  • Data Finalization

Business Value

  • Reduction in data errors by elimination of manual validation and automating controls
  • Reduced effort in data cleansing due to automated controls while data initialization and loading
  • Improved productivity through cleaner data and quicker turnaround
  • Enhanced data integrity and consistency across the organization
  • More accurate data enables faster and more accurate Data Analytics 

Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting (F&A) function manages some of the most sensitive and confidential business information, which explains why businesses are overly cautious while outsourcing this function.

Besides the sensitivity concern, however, CFOs today look beyond cost reduction from F&A outsourcing and focus on creating new revenue streams, process improvements through streamlining and enhanced performance through higher automation and higher compliance through efficient controls.

GlobalStep Finance & Accounting Outsourcing service offers deep domain expertise that has evolved from years of rich experience in delivering business value by driving finance process optimization through global best practices, shared-service model and established controls. Our comprehensive F&A service capabilities encompass the end to end F&A business life cycle comprising of Procure to Pay, Order to Cash and Record to Report cycles along with Performance Management and Regulatory Reporting.

Business Value

  • Chart of Account Optimization
  • Faster and more accurate month-end, quarter-end and year-end
  • Cost reduction due to enhanced process automation and streamlining
  • Significantly improved Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Compliance

Transformation Services

Having a brilliant strategy is a good beginning but not enough to help a company beat the competition and become a leader. To become a leader and sustain that position, both the core and the support processes need to be aligned to the business objectives. This should then be followed by the right set of people manning those processes and leading those functions. The last but an extremely critical link in this chain is the technology that supports and integrates all these processes and functions.

Transformation is not a work to be done in silo or at micro level. It is a big picture endeavour that requires the company to take a step back, observe and ask critical questions such as: do our processes help us achieve our business goals? The stakes are high because the answer to such critical questions can have impact on the entire organization.

GlobalStep, with exceptional transformation legacy, is a partner that understands your business, matches your strategic vision, has process and domain expertise, and is experienced in business-IT alignment along with a deep technological knowhow and understanding of people, not to mention outstanding execution abilities. We strongly believe that for companies to really deliver transformation, all of the above parameters need to come together.

GlobalStep provides the following transformation services across most business function and specific verticals.

  • Process Reengineering
  • Shared Services
  • Change Management 

Business Value

  • Improved Business IT Alignment
  • Significant cost savings through people, process and technology transformation

Video Analytics

With large collections of video files in your possession, your organization could be sitting on numerous untapped revenue streams waiting to be developed. GlobalStep Video Analytics can help you create data from your video and find new ways to monetize your assets and increase consumer engagement by enhancing retrieval of video and providing insightful data that your users can consume.

Business Value

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Higher ROI on media assets
  • Statistical insights for content strategy
  • Actionable intelligence to streamline processes
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