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Content Management & Moderation



This function helps customers provide with the support that is required to tag content such as images or videos that will further help to develop inferences and provide support in analytics and business analysis. GlobalStep has a lot of experience in managing video content including tagging video content, content management and moderation services.

  • Data Management

Data Management

One of the major challenges facing businesses today is the efficient and effective management of the tremendous amount of data that is generated on a continuous basis. These data elements are pivotal for understanding business imperatives and customer behavior, which then help them take strategic and game changing business decisions. 

GlobalStep has assisted multiple businesses in effective management of master data and enterprise data by seamlessly aligning the data management strategy with business strategy. The efficiency in data retrieval thus achieved has provided clients with such amazing insights that have resulted in creating unrivalled opportunities from unprecedented avenues.

Our Services 

  • Data Verification
  • Record Information
  • Track & Maintain Changes
  • Data Finalization

Business Value

  • Reduction in data errors by elimination of manual validation and automating controls
  • Reduced effort in data cleansing due to automated controls while data initialization and loading
  • Improved productivity through cleaner data and quicker turnaround
  • Enhanced data integrity and consistency across the organization
  • More accurate data enables faster and more accurate Data Analytics 
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