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Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing Services

The proliferation of mobile devices across the globe has made the mobile platform the cornerstone of modern digital transformation within our professional and personal lives alike.

As per a comScore report, an average American adult spends close to 3 hours on their smartphone every day. Unlike desktop users, mobile users have high propensity to shift between mobile applications and tolerance for applications lacking in user experience, performance and functionality is low. Testing a mobile application on these key parameters across devices and platforms is key to its success, and hence, mobile application testing services are in-demand.

The inherent nature of the mobile platform makes mobile application testing different from standardized software testing services. GlobalStep, with its 10+ years of mobile application testing experience, is uniquely poised to provide best-in-class functional and non-functional mobile application testing services, including:

  • Functional Testing
    • Installation & Login
    • GUI
    • Regression
    • Structured and Ad-hoc
    • Interrupts Testing
    • Social Integration
    • In-App Purchases
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Compliance Testing
  • Automation
  • API/Cloud Interface
  • Performance Testing

Value Adds:

  • Dedicated team of expert mobile testers
  • State of the art testing lab with fully up-to-date iOS and Android device inventory
  • Automation frameworks and accelerators for faster time-to-market

Testing from 2008 since the inception of smartphone App Store, clocking over 2 million hours of testing across all leading mobile platforms

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