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Playtest Analytics



GlobalStep's Playtest Analytics service helps its clients to create data from playtest sessions by creation of playtest videos and then providing analytics for user engagement that provides insights to enhance monetization and increase consumer engagement. Visuals give instant responses on playtest performance and help to attain objective feedback on game performance. GlobalStep leverages its proprietary tools to provide insights and give its customers a pathway to objectively take decisions for the future of the game.

  • Playtest Analytics

Playtest Analytics

With large collections of video files in your possession, your organization could be sitting on numerous untapped revenue streams waiting to be leveraged. GlobalStep's Playtest Analytics can help you create data from your video and find new ways to monetize your assets and increase player engagement.

Business Value

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Higher ROI on games
  • Statistical insights for content strategy
  • Actionable intelligence to streamline processes
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