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Life at GlobalStep is about inclusion through diversity, collaboration with stakeholders, high performance commitment, and seizing opportunities as they arise.


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I am proud to be part of the GlobalStep family. I feel that my skills, values, and expertise are highly recognized and that I am a true contributor to driving success in my work environment and our clients. I am proud to be part of a company where diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration are continuously demonstrated and practiced at all levels.


Working at GlobalStep has shown me that this company values initiative and innovation. Since joining, I have learned that every person, from Software Testers to Upper Management, has a voice to bring forward new ideas and improvements. GlobalStep fuels my passion by providing me new opportunities every day and giving me a clear path forward for my own personal growth and the company success.

Andre Nantel

I enjoy my role as I can get involved in many different areas of the business. The team also invites us to get involved with client relations which provides us with skills that are indispensable. I think continuing in project management is an area where I see career growth and opportunity. Being a part of a growing organization, there are many paths open to me for advancement.

Lewis Mitchell

I joined GlobalStep after graduating from University studying Computer Science. Over the past year, I have learned the best practices and techniques for Mobile QA testing and gone on to lead a small team that clients rely on resolve issues with their games. Working at GlobalStep has given me the opportunity to learn and develop my QA skills and apply them to future projects.

Jay Norton

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