Position Types: Unreal Engineer for Performance Data Automation
Position Locations: Romania
City: Bucharest - Romania
Experience: 1-5 Years

We are seeking an engineer with experience in Unreal Engine and C++ to join our team for a project focused on automating performance data capture in a dedicated server-only game. The primary goal is to develop tools and functionalities to streamline the performance data collection process, reducing the need for manual intervention and the number of required participants.


  • Develop and implement functionalities in Unreal Engine for automating performance data capture in a server-only game environment.
  • Collaborate with the development team to integrate and enhance existing functionalities, including the creation and control of in-game bots.
  • Ensure the smooth operation of automated captures and server-client interactions.
  • Test and debug implemented functionalities to ensure performance and reliability.


  • Availability to work on a shift that starts at 15:00 PM!!
  • Strong experience in Unreal Engine development and C++ programming.
  • Good knowledge of game development and an understanding of server-client architecture.
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team environment and collaborate with existing developers.
  • Proficiency in developing and debugging complex functionalities in a game environment.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
This job is no longer accepting applications.