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Localization QA



Localization impacts the overall perception and customer experience. It's about providing users with products that speak to their language and understand their cultural background.

Our team of language experts assist testers in understanding the game, if it is not available in English for familiarization. We provide Localization QA or Linguistic QA services through native speakers who work from GlobalStep premises and ensure that the games or applications are working as expected in different languages. The team not only can provide functional checks within a specific language with a focus on text overflows, graphic overlays, incorrect translations etc. but also can do compliance checks for specific hardware platforms in the respective languages. GlobalStep provides LQA services across 26+ languages from its Montreal delivery center.


Why good localization QA and testing is so important:

  • Internationalization, translation and localization occurs before testing takes place. Testing identifies any bugs or errors that may have been introduced in these processes.​

  • Testing guarantees locale-specific characters appear correctly including dates, holidays, numbers, currencies, names and salutations. Software products being localized for Asian markets must be able to handle complex characters that could impact factors like text expansion, cut off words and misaligned menus.​

  • Specialized testing teams consider cultural factors such as color and representation of ethnicity to ensure the user experience feels local and not too generic. Culture impacts how people think and therefore how they use software.​

  • Elements of software products or updates will vary across multiple geographies but the objective is to retain and deliver a global concept. Testing ensures localized versions are consistent with the source product and stay true to the original brand promise.​

  • Linguistic translators may work with strings in an isolated source file. Testers can then ensure that the context and flow of each localized product works for each user. In-context review focuses more on quality and experience, rather than functionality.​

  • Many software products are released to world markets simultaneously, for every feature and fix. Good testing and validation must mirror that speed and agility to ensure high quality products are launched on time in every country.

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