The Vital Role of Player support in Gaming

The importance of player support in gaming and how it contributes to the community, longevity of games, early problem identification, the collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative tools which can help drive player support

Author: Player Support and Playtest Analytics teams at GlobalStep

Player support is a crucial element of the gaming industry, aiding players and ensuring they have an enjoyable and safe gaming experience. From tackling cheaters and troubleshooting technical issues to creating a supportive community, player support teams are the unsung heroes of the gaming world.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of player support in gaming and how it contributes to the community, longevity of games, early problem identification, the collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative tools which can help drive customer support.

Proactive Player Support: Reducing Post-Sales Support

One of the key aspects of player support is being proactive in identifying and addressing issues before they escalate. By taking a proactive approach, game developers can reduce the need for post-sales support and create a smoother gaming experience for players. Proactive player support involves analyzing player behavior, identifying potential issues, and taking preventive measures to address them.

For example, game developers can use data analysis and trend identification to identify patterns of cheating, boosting, and other violations in the game. By actively monitoring and addressing such issues, game developers can create a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all players. This proactive approach not only reduces the need for post-sales support but also helps in building player trust and loyalty.

Importance to the Community and the Longevity of a Game

Player support plays a pivotal role in building a strong and engaged community of players. By providing timely and effective support, players feel valued and invested in the game. This can lead to increased player retention, which is crucial for the longevity of a game. When players know that their concerns are being addressed and that there are systems in place to enforce fair play and maintain a safe gaming environment, they are more likely to continue playing and recommend the game to others.

Ban Case Management

Managing ban cases is one of the most challenging aspects of player support. It involves creating clear guidelines for acceptable behavior in the game and implementing a fair and transparent system for dealing with violations. By ensuring that players feel they are being treated fairly and that the rules are enforced consistently, player support teams can build trust and loyalty within the community. This fosters a positive gaming environment where players can enjoy the game without worrying about cheaters, exploiters, or unfair practices.

How AI Can Help Identify Issues

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a critical role in identifying issues such as cheating and boosting. By analyzing player behavior and identifying patterns that suggest cheating, AI can help player support teams quickly identify and address these issues. This can result in a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for all players. AI can also assist in identifying potential problems early on by analyzing data and identifying trends, allowing player support teams to take proactive measures to address issues before they escalate.

Human and AI Collaboration

While AI can aid in identifying issues, human support is still essential for providing a personalized and empathetic approach to player support. The collaboration between human support staff and AI can be a powerful combination. AI can flag potential issues for human support staff to investigate further, leading to a more efficient and effective player support system. Human support staff can provide the human touch, offering personalized assistance and understanding to players, which is crucial for building trust and loyalty within the gaming community.

Active Player Support

Active player support involves engaging with players and providing ongoing support to ensure a positive gaming experience. This can include providing resources such as tutorials, guides, and FAQs, as well as actively responding to player feedback and concerns. By creating a supportive environment for players, game developers can encourage players to continue playing and even win back those who may have stopped playing due to negative experiences. This active engagement with players not only enhances their gaming experience but also contributes to the longevity of the game.

Increasing Lifespan of a Game

In addition to providing ongoing support to players, player support can also help increase the lifespan of a game. By combining active player support with new content updates, game developers can keep the game fresh and exciting for existing players while also attracting new players. This continuous engagement with the player community can extend the lifespan of a game and contribute to its overall success.

Innovative Tools for Player Support

In the competitive gaming industry, innovative tools can play a crucial role in enhancing player support. One such tool is GlobalStep’s Playtest Analytics, which consists of three components: PlayTest, PlayerXP, and Datalens, each serving a unique purpose in the game development process.

PlayTest allows game developers to gather feedback from players through playtesting before the game is launched. This helps in identifying any issues, glitches, or areas of improvement in the game early on. PlayerXP, on the other hand, involves the annotation process where video files from PlayTest are manually converted into data, allowing developers to capture players’ emotions and feedback during gameplay. This helps in understanding player preferences, pain points, frustrations, and areas of improvement.

Datalens is the third component of Playtest Analytics, which provides visualization of data collected from PlayTest and PlayerXP. This allows developers to analyze and interpret data in a visually appealing format, aiding in making informed decisions about game design and player support.

By utilizing these tools in combination, game developers can gain valuable insights into players’ preferences, expectations, and overall experience. This can help in identifying and addressing issues early on, improving the gaming experience, and reducing the need for post-sales support.

In conclusion, player support is a vital element in the gaming industry that contributes to the community and ensures the longevity of games. Through active player support, early problem identification, and the collaboration between human support staff and AI, game developers can create a supportive and engaging gaming environment that fosters player retention and loyalty. Innovative tools like GlobalStep’s Playtest Analytics provide valuable insights that aid in enhancing player support and overall game success. Player support teams are the unsung heroes of the gaming world, ensuring that players have an enjoyable and safe gaming experience, and their role cannot be overstated in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

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