Position Types: Character Processing Artist
Position Locations: Romania
City: Remote / Bucharest
Experience: 2+ Years


The Character Processing Artist is responsible for receiving, reviewing, and refining armor assets from outsourcing partners to ensure compatibility, quality, and adherence to specifications. This role involves technical processing of meshes and textures, as well as refitting armor to various races and genders. A strong eye for detail and form is essential for achieving a high-quality final result.


• Receive and review assets from outsourcing partners to ensure compatibility with the character armor system.
• Verify that delivered meshes and textures match concept or reference artwork and provide feedback for necessary adjustments.
• Process meshes, including setup, splitting, alignment, UV verification, proportion matching, and weight transfer/correction.
• Process textures, balancing, recoloring, normal map setup, dye mask creation, and overall texture refinement.
• Finalize armor by setting up materials, naming pieces, applying properties, and exporting meshes for review.
• Refit armor to other races/genders using proprietary tools, ensuring compatibility and consistency with the original design.
• Address bugs reported by Quality Assurance team, collaborating with leadership to maintain aesthetic standards.
• Stay updated on industry techniques and mentor less experienced team members.

Candidate Requirements:

• Minimum 2 years of experience in game development pipelines.
• Experience with hard surface sculpting and modeling.
• Strong understanding of human and animal anatomy and shape language.
• Proficiency in Maya, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.
• Understanding of technical aspects of gameplay art and design.
• Knowledge of skin weighting and rigging techniques.
• Demonstrated experience in reviewing assets from art outsourcing partners in previous roles.
• A portfolio showcasing recent character and creature 3D work, demonstrating proficiency in modeling, texturing, and rendering.
• Proven experience and expertise in the process of modular character creation, including the ability to create and adapt modular components for diverse character designs.
• Proficiency in various technical aspects of character creation, including but not limited to mesh processing, texture mapping, rigging, skin weighting, and troubleshooting potential issues.

Shift starts at 19:00 RO Time.

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